Need a logo for your beauty business? Want to avoid high printing costs? Got your website up but struggling to make it personal to your business?

We charge just £25.00 for designing your bespoke logo and creating your own personal brand to stand out from the crowd.

All we need to know is what the company name is, what colours you’d like, any ideas of styles and themes and what you’d like to actually use the logo for i.e. is it for a website, business cards etc.

You'll receive up to three drafts to get the process started, you'll then be able to tell us what you like/dislike until we've tweaked the design to exactly what you want. When you're happy with the design we'll send you two versions of your new logo; one version that is for internet use and one version that is for print use. Please note these logos are NOT intended to be used for large-scale printing (i.e. shop signs etc.) If you intend to use it for signage please let us know and we'll quote accordingly. However, the logos we provide for £25.00 are perfect for leaflets, vouchers etc. as well as for using on your website.

We take payment in advance- which you can pay either via Bank Transfer or Paypal. This payment is not refundable in any circumstance.

 ** Need more than just a logo? Ask use about our "bundle" discount packages. Order three design projects at one time (for example a logo, business card and price list) and get 10% off the entire cost!


We're going to need to know the following- please read the following and then email us on info@vervedesigns.co.uk with this information.  In the email please be sure to include the phrase "Logo Spec for "insert business name" so we can find it easily in our inbox.

1. Your business name

2. If you would like to include any "tagline" such as "hair and beauty" etc.

3. Would you like to include any illustration work?
We get lots of requests for very specific images, illustrations or drawings. By this we mean things like "fairies" or "footballers" etc. These are images that would usually be done by a professional illustrator and would cost a few hundreds pounds. However, we do have a professional design resource that allows us to licence and purchase very specific images and use them as part of our "budget" logos. For more information on this please mention this in your email and we will involve you in the process of finding exactly the right image.   

p.s. Often some "budget" designers will use these vector images illegally via file-sharing sites, which would leave you liable for breaking copyright. We don't do that, we purchase and license every single image.

4. What colours would you like to see in the logo?
Feel free to send us any images you'd like us to "sample" if you have a colour in mind. Or you can use this site http://www.dulux.co.uk/colours/ and let us know what colours you like.

5. Are you going to be using it for large scale printing such as shop signage or vehicle vinyls? 
If so you'll need a specialist type of graphic file called a "vector"- this will incur an extra £5 fee.

6. Please show us examples of what you're expecting to see.
For a "budget" £25 logo we need you to be as precise as you can about what you'd like to see from us. Phrases like "shabby chic" or "Blingy" aren't that much use to us I'm afraid! All we need is a few examples from the web of logos you like and we'll have a much clearer understanding of what you like! Two or three examples of the logos you like are far more useful than a few pages of text explaining it. We obviously won't "copy" that logo- but we'll use it as a basis for the types of designs you prefer.

Here's some examples of our previous designs (please be aware that these are a mix of current logos currently in use and "sale" logos). We will also point you towards our Facebook page which often has the most recent designs. When pointing out a design please be as specific as possible about where you have seen it. Or more ideally simply send the logo(s) you like as images alongside your logo.  Please be aware that the examples don't have to come from our previous designs- please show us any designs as inspiration!

Click here to visit our "off the shelf" logo list in order to show us examples of logos, fonts and colours you like.
This will give you a good indication of the types of logos we design- but you are no means restricted to this list for a £25 bespoke logo- it's just for inspiration :)

https://www.facebook.com/VerveDesigns - Feel free to search the galleries of our Facebook page for logo designs you like.

Logo Design FAQ

1. How many drafts do you provide?
We will always provide at least two drafts for you to choose from.  This will follow a structured consultation process where you'll provide ideas for us to create your ideal logo!

1.1 How many times can you change a draft?
We'll change a draft until you're happy with the design! However, we'd ask you to be realistic. we offer a "budget" design service and at some point we'll ask for a decision when we feel it's commercially reasonable.

2. Who holds the intellectual property to your logo?
Until the logo is paid for via invoice Verve shall claim intellectual property rights to the design, however after payment the intellectual property rights become yours and at no point will Verve ever claim ownership of said design.

3. Why are you so cheap?
Ahem- we prefer the phrase "value for money". Verve is a very small company- we have very little overheads and unlike many companies, we're realistic in what we expect small business to pay for design.

4. Are all logo designs unique?
Yes, every logo is designed to be completely bespoke. However logos may be "inspired" by another- but in no case will they ever be identical.  In some cases, logos may "share" elements.

5. Can I use my logo for my sign?
It depends. Our logos are designed as bitmap images and not vector. However, they're designed to be "large" in print form and may be suitable. If you are going to use the logo for a very large sign- please let us know first.

6. Do I have to be a beauty industry company to use your service?
No! We're famous for our beauty industry logos, but we've designed from Norwegian Oil Companies to Coffee Houses in New York!

7. Can I copyright or trademark my logo?
Maybe. If we've used no "stock" vector images in your logo then it's likely you'll be able to copyright it (though, we can't offer any legal advice on that) If you're intending to copyright/trademark your logo in the future you MUST advise us in advance.

8. How long does it take?
During normal periods you should expect to get first drafts of your logo roughly a week after placing your order. Times may vary according to workloads and during holiday seasons.